Free ADX, Fractals, Moving Average Robot for cTrader

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

This robot is based on #ADX, Moving Average and #Fractals indicator. It uses Fractal indicator to set TP and SL. It works on all timeframes and assets. Standard parameter working good for 1H #EURUSD. Robot may be started simultaneously on several Assets.

You can download the robot for free here:


How to Install

Download and install “Fractals” indicator: and install this very cBot: “Fractals” indicator to “ADX Fractals” bot, see howto here:



SMA Slow Slow Simple Moving Average Period

SMA Fast Fast Simple Moving Average Period

MA Cross Max periods moving average crossed

ADX Min Value Direction Movement System Min. Value

ADX Max Value Direction Movement System Max. Value

Fractal Period Max Period to Calculate Fractals for the TP and SL

Fractal diff Pips to add to SL and subtract from TP

Min SL Minimum SL in pips

Max SL Maximum SL in pips

Min TP Minimum TP in pips

Max TP Maximum TP in pips        

Volume Units Volume to trade in units

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