Less is more, why it is vital to keep your trading strategy as simple as it gets

Updated: May 4, 2020

You cannot not communicate. Even if you don’t speak at all, you communicate with the way you are standing or sitting, the way you are breathing. Even if you manage to stay several minutes completely expressionless and motionless in a neutral stance, not too erect not too bend, you still communicate. You communicate that you don’t want to communicate at all.

We cannot not communicate because we cannot not think. Our mind generates approx. 60k - 80k different thoughts every day. Everything we perceive with our senses generates thoughts. It is impossible to see or smell or hear something and not having thoughts immediately generated. Thoughts generating actions, nothing exists in this world without prior being a thought. Action leads to reactions and finally to results. This is the principle of cause and effect. If we don’t like the results, we need to change the way we are thinking.

We receive several million information per hour through our sense-perception, it is impossible and unnecessary to process them all. Our brain reduces perceived information to a minimum that we can process mindfully. But where does our brain know what information is important to show and what to save for later use? Our beliefs are the most important thought-constructions. If you believe there are in general more white cars on the road than red ones, you will indeed see more white cars than red ones.

Knowing this, it is obvious why we should keep our trading strategy as simple as it gets. Here are some psychological rules may inspire you:

  • Always think and speak of probability. There is no such thing like the 100% trade, there is always a chance for both directions. Keep your mind open and see what the market is doing right now.

  • Keep strategy simple, use price action and max 1-2 indicators. If you can explain your strategy in one long sentence, you are good to go.

  • Once order is opened, keep in mind that you can not control the market, what will happen, will happen.

  • Never lose. That means, never use the word. Instead say “I donate some money and got a very good lesson for my next trade”.

  • Do not trade more than 2 assets at a time.

  • Keep important events in eye.

  • Do not read financial analysts at all. Analysts having some very good arguments to tell you where the price is going. It is impossible to read such an article without being influenced. If you read more, you will create several conflicting beliefs.

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